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  Senior Guides and Websites

Guides and Publications for Older Adults

Web Sites for and about Seniors

Web Sites for Seniors in Pennsylvania


Guides and Publications


AARP - Ageline
AgeLine is a searchable electronic database containing detailed summaries of publications about older adults and aging, including books, journal and magazine articles, reports and videos.


Pittsburgh Business Times
Pittsburgh Business Times publication on the web.


Senior Times Home Page
The online site of the Senior Times publication including current and back issues.


Yahoo's Senior Guide
The Senior's Guide from Yahoo. This site includes sections on books, computer's, gardening and many other topics. It also has links to other intersting senior sites as well as an online community site.

Websites for and about Seniors


Children of Aging Parents
Children of Aging Parents is a non-profit, charitable organization with a national
mission to assist the caregivers of the elderly with reliable information.


Computers and Internet Education for Seniors and Older Adults:
SeniorNet is a nonprofit organization that provides older adults access to computer technology. A good starting point for new users.


Elderhostel is a nonprofit organization providing educational adventures all over the world to adults aged 55 and over.


Brought to you by the Graduate Student Organization and the GeroInformatics Workgroup at the Wayne State University Institute of Gerontology. GeroWeb is designed as an online resource for researchers, educators, practitioners, and others interested in aging and older individuals.


MASS Home Page
Welcome to the Michigan Aging Services System World Wide Web server. The MASS is designed to serve members of Michigan's aging network, including Area Agency on Aging personnel, service providers, and Office of Services to the Aging (OSA) staff.


National Council of Senior Citizens
The home site for the National Council of Senior Citizens. The NCSC is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the United States.
A new web site featuring health informatino, talking web, easy access for older adults, and visually impaired.

Senior Sites, Welcome to
Senior Sites is the most comprehensive web source of non-profit housing and services for seniors.


An award winning site that provides products, services, information
and entertainment to the 50-Plus market.


Seniors Computer Information Project Home Page
A highly acclaimed guide for retirees and older adults to Manitoban, Canadian and world-wide information and services. SCIP is the oldest Canadian seniors on-line information system available on the Internet.
Dedicated to provide a unique, informative, interesting, and entertaining Internet website for senior citizens and family.


Welcome to AARP Webplace!
The home page for the AARP organization. AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to helping older Americans achieve lives of independence, dignity and purpose.


Welcome to AgeNet
AgeNet is your one stop information source for and about older adults,
senior citizens, seniors, elderly and caregivers. Health, drugs, insurance, financial and helpful products.


Welcome To GoldenAge.Net
A great starting point for Internet research on "aging" topics.


Welcome to The Geezer Brigade
The Geezer Brigade is an international organization for and by "Seniors with an Attitude" -- those over 55* who have not yet given up the ghost nor lost their sense of humor.


Welcome to ThirdAge
ThirdAge Media, Inc. was founded in August 1996 by Mary Furlong, Ed.D., who also founded SeniorNet (1986), the first online community for older adults.


WellnessWeb Senior's Center
From the WellnessWeb site. This senior page has links on a variety of topics from grandchildren to Long Term Care.


An information and self-help resource for, and by widows and widowers.

Websites for Seniors in Pennsylvania


A state specific resource for caregivers, this site provides information on local services and resources for the aging and for those providing care.


Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests
of the Elderly

The Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly, is a non-profit organization, based in Philadelphia, dedicated to improving the quality of life for vulnerable older people.


Country Store
The Country Store (The Centre County, PA Information Network) is the premier site on the Internet for information about Centre County, PA. This page from the country store includes information on housing, organizations and support groups, etc...


ElderAssist, Inc.
ElderAssist, Inc. provides a variety of services in and about Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Our services include: care companions, house cleaning, errands, etc...


Penn State Gerontology Center
Home Web page for one of the oldest academic gerontology centers in the United States.


Penn State WorkLife Elder Pages
From the Office of Human Resources WorkLife Programs at Penn State University. This site offers links to nursing homes and other senior resources in Centre County, PA.

Links to Other Sites of Interest

a county-specific resource for aging related information
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Health and Human Development Homepage

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