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General Public Resources

Professional Resources

Research and Education

General and Meta Search Engines

AltaVista Search Engine
One of the more popular search engines.

Ask Jeeves
A friendly search engine. This site does not have as many sites listed as other engines, but it is easy to use.

A search engine site.

InfoSeek Search
One of the many search engines. Infoseek is in the top 10.

This is a meta search site which means that it searches other search engines for information. Use this site if you have some familiarty with search engines. Not recommended for beginners.

One largest and oldest search engines on the Internet.

Health Information Searches

Health Guide On-Line
Information on health subjects. This site is from the Clinical Tools, Inc. is a physician-owned, multimedia company based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Healthfinder-Home Page
healthfinder® is a free gateway to reliable consumer health and human services information web site developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Lycos- Top 5% of Web Health Sites
This is a page from Lycos wich lists the Top 5% health related web sites. It has a very good list of health information resources.

WebCrawler Health
The health search section from Webcrawler. Topics include Alternative Medicine, Diet & Nutrition , Senior's Health, etc.Ö

Yahoo! Health:Senior Health
Senior Health web page from Yahoo. Links to sites that specialize on the senior health. A very good resource for those new to the web.

Links to Other Sites of Interest

a county-specific resource for aging related information
Link to Caregiver PA website
Penn State Gerontology

GEC/PA Homepage

Health and Human Development Homepage

Penn State Homepage

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